10 Medical Resource Sites Every Person Should Bookmark

August 28, 2009

Information is more powerful when it’s shared. This is true with medicine as it is with all other disciplines. That is why a dozen medical sites litter the cyberspace striving to pass on information about almost everything in medicine. Here are some of them.

Resource Medical
This website concentrates on several therapeutic areas but most remarkably the hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Considering how widespread hormone related complications are, it therefore follows that everybody needs to have an understanding of this problem.

This website is known for its health related information which is well researched. It feature’s topics ranging from various drugs and supplements, medical encyclopedia and a dictionary which are very much detailed, latest medical news, and medical directories containing all kind of medical specialists.

WebMD is held in very high esteem for its trustworthy and timely medical and health information and news. WebMD provides information concerning almost all health conditions together with their management and treatment.

Depression, like stress has become so common and more mortal than before. Due to such factors, a lot of information has been generated concerning the same and posted on the internet for everybody to benefit from. One such a website is the medicinenet.com. Its advice on depression is effective and accurate.


The guide to healthy living can be gotten from this website. This involves the ideal diet together with the various healthy tools that are a prerequisite to healthy living. Also included in this site are health services, news and information.

This is one of the several internet resources for all surgical anatomy and procedures. It is the reference site for all surgery specialists. It is also designed for online study and reference. All of its narratives and comments emanates from researched work of medical professionals.

The first of its kind, AnneLawrence deals with transsexual’s issues, with information from some of the greatest authorities in that field. It can be considered as a female site because of its notable inclination to women health issues like breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, voice feminization to name but a few. It is actually a must visit for all, but most remarkably women.

It’s a forum for discussing health issue through posting free health articles and information for all to see and probably to participate (comment). The good thing with the information contained in this site is the fact that it is researched, proved and tested. It has to stand the test of scrutiny by this forum before it can be published.

America is known for its top-of-the-range medical facilities which are also the first to apply the latest medical technology. Therefore any patient requiring specialized treatment longs for services from some of those facilities. This site enables international patients searching for American specialists and facilities to get exactly that.

This site acts as a professional guide to both lay people and professionals in the medical field. It contains articles penned by professionals which are available in several media including downloadable databases, browsable site etc.

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