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One of the best ways that you can serve your patients as a nurse is to improve your knowledge and work to be the best possible nurse you can be. Thanks to technology, it is possible for you to learn more about the human body — and update yourself on the latest medical information — from trusted resources. If you want to learn more about the body, you can do so with help from open courseware.

Open courseware offers you college classes, including masters degree and PhD degree level classes, to help you learn more about various subjects. You can get access to these materials for free, learning at your own pace. You won’t be able to college credit for these classes, but you will be able to expand your knowledge. Here are some great options for improving your medical knowledge:

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What makes a physician popular on Twitter? Celebrity status might be gained through television shows, authorship or simply by being accessible to patients and to other medical professionals in the comfort of their homes. In the our list of the top 25 celebrity doctors on Twitter who are worth following, you may learn that ‘celebrity status’ might be a combination of what that doctor knows as well as how he or she presents that information. [click to continue…]