Top 25 Pediatric Nursing blogs

March 30, 2010

Pediatric nursing can be a fulfilling career. Many health care professionals with master of science in nursing degrees find themselves drawn to helping children. There are even MSN programs designed to help nurses choose a specialty like pediatrics. If you enjoy children, and if you are interested in helping them through illness and injury, you might consider pediatric nursing. It also helps to be able to work with parents as well, explaining different procedures and helping parents know how to help their children once they leave the hospital or office.

If you are interested in pediatric nursing, here are 25 top blogs you can read to learn more about caring for the smallest of patients:

Pediatric Nurse Blogs

Here are some blogs written by nurses and other health care professionals that care for children, or that are involved with childbirth. Learn more about the lifestyle and professional challenges associated with pediatric nursing.

  1. The Makings of a Nurse: She’s just finishing up nursing school, but Nurse Teeny has some great insights into the lifestyle of a nurse. She has also worked in pediatric nursing, and shares some thoughts on that in some of her posts.
  2. Pediatrics Nursing News: offers this blog, and nursing headlines from the world of pediatrics. Learn more about pediatric nursing, and learn the latest techniques and tips associated with caring for younger patients.
  3. NeoNurseChic: This nursing student is studying to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. While the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, there are some interesting posts in the archives, and the information remains relevant.
  4. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs: This helpful blog has insights on nursing, and, in particular, life as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Includes career tips and helpful information that can help you if you are interested in progressing further in pediatric nursing.
  5. Blog of a Wife & Nurse: Follow the adventures of a newlywed NICU nurse as she helps the littlest patients into life. Real-world look at what it’s like to work in a neonatal intensive care unit.
  6. Birthday Nurse: This nurse specializes in birth, and in helping care for newborns. Read her interesting stories, and get some insight into how to care for these newborn patients, as well as how to interact with the parents.
  7. Octopus Mom: This mom and nurse shares stories of life as NICU nurse, and a busy mom. She recently quit her nursing job to stay home with her children, but she still has some great insights on nursing — and you can always read the archives!
  8. The Midwives of Bethany Womens Healthcare: A group of nurse midwives at a women’s health center share insights on nursing, pregnancy and raising healthy children.
  9. Adventures in Juggling: Get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a NICU nurse, juggling career and life while helping as many people as possible.

Children’s Health Blogs

Children's HealthLearn more about children’s health, health policy and issues, raising a healthy family and other issues related to pediatrics from these blogs.

  1. Children’s Health Blog: Learn about children’s health and healthcare from this blog offering insights and the latest information.
  2. Say Ahhh!: This children’s health policy blog has news, information and the latest studies that can help you be a better pediatric nurse.
  3. Healthy Child Healthy World: Get a look at the latest news and information — with commentary — in the world of children’s health.
  4. Fabretto Children’s Health Blog: Offers helpful information, insights and more on raising healthy children, and providing good healthcare for pediatric patients.
  5. Baby Mum-Mum: Focuses on healthy children, child development and provides insights that can help any pediatric nurse improve the way she or he interacts with young patients.
  6. Child Health Blog: Looks at child development, welfare and offers care tips related to pediatrics, and discusses different procedures and policies related to children’s health.
  7. Child Health: This blog from Healia looks at different issues that affect children as they grow and develop. A great blog for pediatric nurses looking for more information on child development, and looking for tips they can provide to the parents of children who come under their care.
  8. Toddlers: Get some insight on toddler care and learn ways to better manage behavior in toddlers. Valuable information for pediatric nurses who are interested in toddler development.

Pediatric Doctor Blogs

Pediatric doctorYou can learn a lot about pediatric nursing from doctors that specialize in pediatric care. Here are some great blogs written by pediatric doctors who can provide you with some professional insight.

  1. Pediatrics: This doctor provides professional insight into pediatrics with news, helpful information and tips. Plenty of good information on a number of subjects related to pediatric health.
  2. Doctor David’s Blog: Dr. David is a pediatrician who offers a number of interesting insights. He specializes in pediatric oncology, and has some great information on dealing with childhood cancer and interacting with patients and their parents.
  3. Dr. Gwenn Is In: This pediatric doctor is also a mom. You can read about her insights on caring from children from a medical standpoint, as well as from a mom standpoint. Interesting look at pediatrics that any nurse can benefit from.
  4. Dr. Shu Says: Another pediatric doctor and mom, you can learn more about caring for children, and find tips you can provide to parents. Also get interesting commentary on events of the day and managing different conditions that affect children.
  5. Pediatric Oncall: Get information on child development, pediatric issues, remedies and more from doctors and other pediatric health professionals.
  6. NorthSide Pediatrics: This doctor’s office looks at topics related to pediatric care — as well as life. Get interesting insights on caring for children, from Dr. Andy Sagan, who specializes in pediatric medicine.
  7. Delaware Modern Pediatrics Blog: Pediatric nurses can benefit from reading this blog, which offers insights into the latest news and issues affecting children’s health, and providing some helpful insight into practices and procedures. This practice also includes a pediatric nurse.
  8. A Pediatrician’s Blog: This pediatrician blogs about life, taking care of children and health issues. Posts are somewhat sporadic, but the information on child development is interesting and worthwhile.

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