25 Free Online TV Shows that Are Good for Your Health and Wellness

April 05, 2010

If you like healthy living and plan to learn more about health while sitting at your computer, you can reach your goal through various nursing degree programs as well as through online videos that feature health and wellness television programs. But, if you expect to find the most health and wellness offerings from the three major networks, you’d be mistaken. While NBC and ABC lead CBS in the number of health and wellness shows among those networks, you can find more full-length video programming at PBS or the Discovery Channel, where entire sections are devoted to health and wellness.

Online videos that feature previously televised programs offer viewers flexibility, as viewers can watch these shows when convenient. This convenience is helpful when watching and learning from shows that contain exercise routines and workouts or shows that teach viewers how to plan healthy meals or how to build healthy home environments. Now that the focus is on preventative health, you might expect to find more health and wellness video programming on major stations as well as at Hulu.

This list of 25 online TV shows that are good for your health and wellness are listed alphabetically and include premier channels as well as complete Web site television viewing stations (including two shows from the UK). All features and clips from news shows are free to watch, so the only cost is your time and effort.


Jame Oliver's Food RevolutionABC and NBC are strong on the health front, especially with NBC’s upcoming Losing It with Jillian and Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution previewed as the newest health and wellness show with more than seven million viewers.

  1. ABC News Health: This site contains videos that were shown on news programs and television shows on this station [ABC].
  2. CBS News Health: Scroll down to view videos approaching a wide variety of health and wellness topics [CBS].
  3. Garden Party: Jennie Garth visits local farms, explains the benefits of fresh vegetables, and shares tips to help parents encourage their children to eat healthier [NBC].
  4. Good Morning America: This show carries two main health segments, including Dr. Richard Besser and Healthy Living [ABC].
  5. Health Video: This site focuses on health videos that focus on news, workouts, medicine and diet [NBC].
  6. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: A chef from the UK lands in Huntington W. VA, with the goal of revolutionizing the school’s food programs, despite USDA regulations. Huntington has been rated as the unhealthiest city in the nation [ABC].
  7. Shaq’s Big Challenge: You can watch the previous show at Hulu, where Shaq takes six kids and encourages them to get fit and lose weight. This show was slotted against America’s Got Talent and House, which is why it may have been canceled for lack of interest [ABC].
  8. The Biggest Loser: The encouragement to viewers is through blogs, a weigh-in game, the Biggest Loser Club and more [NBC].

Other Online Channels

Living with My Type 2Some of these links go to complete Web sites filled with videos from televised shows, including the show, Living With My Type 2, a PBS feature that shows Type 2 Diabetes sufferers at all ages.

  1. Building Green TV: Learn how to live in a healthier environment. The link takes you to the Web site, and Hulu has all the videos [Building Green TV].
  2. Celebrity Fit Club: After five hit seasons, VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club is back with a new twist — boot camp [VH1].
  3. CNN Health: This Web site contains videos that cover a wide variety of health topics aired on television [CNN].
  4. Cooking Up a Story: This show is about people, food and sustainable living. The link is to the site, which contains the show, and you also can watch on Hulu [Online].
  5. Dance Your Ass Off: Bringing dance and diet together, this show features talented, full-figured contestants who will have to lose to win. This show has its fans hooked with a fit club, blogs, videos and more [Oxygen].
  6. Diary of a Foodie: Gourmet delivers a unique cultural look at the world, food first, and from a health-conscious perspective [Various].
  7. Discovery Health: The Discovery Channel devotes an entire segment to health, including mental health, pregnancy and parenting, diet and fitness and sex and relationships. The site supports various shows with tips, recipes and more [Discovery].
  8. Edible Island: Martha’s Vineyard provides the backdrop to Chris Fischer’s shows on local growing, harvesting, foraging and fishing for healthy food [Plum TV].
  9. Exercise TV: This entire online TV site is filled with hundreds of free online workout videos, weight loss advice via online blogs, an online health and fitness community where you can get answers to questions about health, nutrition, weight loss and exercise [Exercise TV].
  10. Fox News Health: Scroll down to view videos that range from news clips to features such as the Ask Dr. Manny Show. Videos focus on a wide range of topics [FOX].
  11. Health Corner: This show features real stories about diseases and the site supports healthy living [Lifetime].
  12. Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: The focus is not totally on weight, but it does chronicle this actress’s battle with weight loss. This story coincides with the launch of her new weight loss company [A&E].
  13. MSNBC Health: Another cable news station with a section devoted to health, with videos that approach a wide variety of topics [MSNBC].
  14. My Big Fat Diet Show: Anna Richardson grabs the UK by its love handles and shows viewers how to lose those pounds through recipe ideas and menu plans [UK – Channel 4].
  15. PBS Video Health and Wellness: View topics ranging from Type 2 Diabetes to retirement with complete videos from shows that run on this station [PBS].
  16. Supersize vs. Superskinny: Documentary series in which two extreme eaters — one very overweight and the other severely underweight — swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating [UK channel 4].
  17. Workout: A reality TV show that includes workouts [Bravo].

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